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úterý 24. února 2009

Gmail down

O tom jak lze využít v současnosti Twitter se můžete přesvědčit ve spojitosti s pádem služby Gmail. Existují služby, které filtrují celý obsah na Twitteru na vybraná slova:
A teď pár perliček na slovo "Gmail" 24.2. 2009 12:00 -13:00, služba přestala být zcela dostupnou přibližně v 11:20 hodin:

--- The disappearance of Gmail has made me drastically reappraise my life. No, wait, it's just a desire for a cup of tea and a sit down. Phew.

wastedplayback what the fuck is going on with gmail, it's hatin' on my phone

GenPubs SO annoying about really shouldn't happen. People need their messages

sumitmenon GMail is down - The sky is falling! The sky is falling!!

albeedo wow gmail is down - amazing - (via )

beckythump I wonder if Gmail is down for anyone else?

jeff_jie 有人大喊,OMG,# Gmail is down, the world is going to end!

spacecoastweb Gmail is down. This is why cloud computing is a joke. #gmail #fail

Barbayellow RT Gmail is always down. Have a break, have a kitkat and breathe !

vertbruxelles "Oh my god, they Killed Gmail !"

rabiz Some economist should calculate the lost in income for every minute Gmail is down. Oops, I'm economist by training so forgive me.

diggforworld #digg : BREAKING - Gmail is Down - End of the Internet

felineslade Gmail is down. How pesky. Google acknowledges it but I really need to find an automated Gmail backup routine.

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